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Jornal Oficial dos Estudantes da NOVA School of Law

Jornal Oficial dos Estudantes da NOVA School of Law






The actor walks across

Tight familiar hallways

There’s an echo:

An ever distant audience,

The door closes, silence.


Robes reach the floor,

The mirror gazes the body,

There’s a slight smirk,

An almost maniacal stare,

Amazingly hideous, beautiful bruises

Are laid bare

There he lingers indefinitely

Heavenly heavily, have we…


A sudden knock: impending doom,

Pulls down the body in the room,

The door creaks and screams,

A siren’s call in full control,

Louder and louder as he closes in,

Towards his own perdition, sin,

Déjà vu, the door he must open,

One last breath before damnation!

But hell is empty and well spent,

Its embrace only a mere second

And for him it no longer beckoned.

So a sigh set aside, grief and relief,

And the return of the actor

Made the mirror shatter.


André Farias Carmona

(Diretor do Jur.nal)



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